Clip On Earrings Handmade in Canada- Why & How to Wear Clip Ons

Clip On Earrings

Clip On Earrings are growing in popularity and are desired by many woman. In this post we are going to discuss why people wear clip on earrings, how to wear clip on earrings and where you can find a large selection of modern stylish clip ons.

Why wear clip on earrings?

Large statement earrings can sometimes weigh on your ears and result in a undesirable elongated look- clip on earrings can prevent this. Also, if you have metal sensitivity, clip on earrings are perfect because they are not inserted into your ears.

How to wear Clip On Earrings?

Clip On Earrings are easy to wear and should be comfortable. The outer section of your ear lobe has the most nerve endings so it is key to position the clip on in the center of your ear lobe. Also, most clip ons can be adjusted for tension. Sassy Sacha Jewelry uses a paddle back clip on and these clips on have a tension bar which you can adjust to be tighter or looser.

Where can I find Clip On Earrings in Canada?

Sassy Sacha Jewelry is proud to have a large section of clip on earrings all handmade here in Canada. We also offer worldwide shipping! Sassy Sacha Jewelry is a one-woman shop so you can feel good about supporting a small locally owned business.

Casual Clip On Earrings

These black clip on earrings are our most popular pair. They pair great with a range of outfits and they are stylish and ultra-modern.

Black Clip On Earrings


Bold Colorful Clip On Earrings

Love colors? Then these are for you! These bold colorful clip ons are large and chunky yet lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Bold Colorful Clip On Earrings

Edgy Clip On Earrings

Looking for something with a little edge? These red clip on earrings have long brass bars giving them an edgy modern feel that is unique and trendy.

Red Edgy Clip On Earrings


Art Deco Clip On Earrings

These art deco fan clip on earrings are big and bold! The contrasting gold and black make them the perfect statement piece.

Art Deco Bridal Clip On Earrings


That is a small sample of the clip on earrings that we have to offer. Explore the full section of clip on earrings here.

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